New Release: Ghost Storm

Ghost StormThe final installment of the Mad Science Institute series is here!

Still devastated by the death of his fiancé, Dean Lazarchek stumbles upon an ancient technology with the incredible power to recreate a living mind. To resurrect the woman he loves, he must confront bullet-proof thugs, dogfight in hyper-advanced gunships, and battle an old college rival who now commands the fury of nature itself. Even if he succeeds, he has no way to know if he will bring back his lost love… or an alien entity that wears her face as a disguise.


Dean shifted his aim to the second mosquito pod, but its pilot was better at bobbing and weaving than the first. It zipped behind a row of apartments, then somehow reemerged dead ahead, its guns blazing electric blue in the twilight. Dean’s pod rang with a grazing blow and a long crack sluiced through the glass by his right hand.

Jerking rapidly on the flight stick, Dean spun crazily as he tried to find his target again. His stomach heaved at the tumultuous motion, and by the time he got the enemy pod back in sight, he saw it sweeping around an office complex, speeding towards him with its rail guns carving the air like knives.

Suddenly, an uprooted tree flew into the enemy pod, smashing it like a fist hitting a hollowed-out egg.

Dean swore and then spun himself around to witness a massive funnel cloud fifty yards away, marching through the center of the city like Godzilla himself. It snatched up whatever was in its way—cars, street-lamps, even small buildings—and whipped them around and around before hurling the remains across the city. Lightning flashed, illuminating other funnel clouds reaching down towards the ground like the fingers of a monstrous hand.

“I thought the storm was out at sea!” Dean jerked on the controls as he felt the winds pulling him inwards.

“That one was,” Tesla explained. “They often come in pairs, though the counter-clockwise ones tend to die more quickly here in the southern hemisphere.”

“Just tell me how many there are!”

“Currently: six—at least. Within the next thirty minutes there could be as many as twenty.”

Twenty?” Dean couldn’t believe that he’d heard right. Single tornadoes of this magnitude had been known to devastate entire towns, inflicting millions of dollars in damages, and claiming dozens of lives. Twenty tornadoes unleashed on a city this size… the only word Dean could think to describe the devastation was “biblical.”

Ghost Storm is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.


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