Once upon a time, Lee French and Jeffrey Cook met by accident. They had a really good time working an event together and became friends. Eventually, they read each others’ books and discovered they’re all awesome. A few more shared events later, they created a formal partnership: Clockwork Dragon.

Jeffrey, as an author best known for steampunk novels, is the clockwork. Lee, who is somewhat obsessed with flying lizards, is the dragon. Together, they roam the Pacific Northwest and beyond, seeking out conventions and other events to promote each other and have fun.

Two more authors impressed the pair enough to be invited to the Clockwork Dragon flight: Sechin Tower and Nikki McCormack. Together, these four friends have fired up a small press dedicated to quality fantasy and science fiction in written form. We laugh, we joke, we read, we publish. We also use Oxford commas.

Welcome to our lair.



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