Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels is a collection of stories about women and girls defying the labels applied to put them down.

These ladies aren’t waiting for a rescue from some knight in shining armor. They’re using cleverness, determination, and stubbornness to save the day on their own.

Lee edited this volume of sword & sorcery fantasy, and Jeffrey has a story in it. We managed to get several other amazing authors to contribute, including Jody Lynn Nye, Raven Oak, Robyn Bennis, and many others!

Available for pre-order on all major e-book platforms.

CDAnthology1ECoverUnnatural Dragons: a science fiction anthology features stories from four Clockwork Dragon authors: Lee, Jeffrey, Sechin, and Lindsay. Each tale explores a science fiction take on dragons. Because fantasy would’ve been too easy.

This title is available in Kindle Unlimited.

Hostile AIs
Echoes of the past
Genetic modifications
Four authors offer four unique visions for dragons. Rescue the blueprint. Travel to alien worlds. Discover the universe within. Soar over the remnants of humanity.

Clockwork Dragon presents an anthology of curious science fiction stories about dragons for eclectic minds.

Shakespeare Goes PunkSound & Fury is a collection of ‘punk Shakespeare adaptations from Writerpunk Press featuring a steampunk rendition of A Winter’s Tale by Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins.

This title is available in Kindle Unlimited.

Airships and sky pirates! Brain Modification chips! Technologically enhanced nymphs! Shakespeare goes punk in this first volume of stories from Writerpunk Press ( Profits to go to PAWS Lynwood (, an animal shelter and wildlife rescue. Ask a bunch of eclectic writers to write stories inspired by one of the greatest dramatists of all time. Cast the stories in various punk genres: Cyber, Tesla, Diesel, Steam, Clock. Result: an innovative collection of stories inspired by the Bard, with a twist! Punk stories show the path not taken or the path that shouldn’t be taken. Let us reshape your world.


Three Weeks Before DoomsdayThreeWeeksBeforeDoomsday: where were they before the antimatter hit the fan?

Three Weeks’s eBook is only 99 cents.

Jet Packs. Rail Guns. Tentacles. Lizard Monsters.
What’s this world coming to? Doomsday, that’s what.
This collection of short stories is the perfect jumping-off point into the world of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, where the keepers of Nikola Tesla’s secret legacy clash with ancient creatures and new threats on a daily basis.
Find out what happens when:
A mad scientist runs afoul of a drug cartel’s paid gunmen
A grad student battles tentacles and sleep deprivation
A biker gang acquires an electromagnetic pulse bomb


Merely-This-CoverMerely This and Nothing More is Writerpunk Press’s third anthology, this time featuring ‘punked adaptions of Edgar Allen Poe’s works. Twenty-one authors, twenty-one stories from the American master of the macabre. Featuring Jeffrey Cook’s version of Masque the Red Death, Lee French’s take on To Helen, Sechin Tower’s rendition of Fall of the House of User, and Lindsay Schopfer’s adaption of Descent into the Maelstrom.

This title is available in Kindle Unlimited.

A clockwork raven. Two sets of irresistible teeth. A house brought to life by nanobots. A heart that won’t stop beating. All this and much more in the Writerpunk Press version of the beloved suspense stories by Edgar Allan Poe. We’ve pulled out all the stops this time around to bring you the very best punked versions of classic Poe tales, complete with shiny gears and tiny bots! In addition to the more familiar Cyberpunk and Steampunk, we’ve added Bio, Deco, and Dieselpunk genres to the mix. The resulting volume is a dynamic take on horror of which the Master of Macabre himself would be proud. Profits are to be donated to PAWS Lynnwood, an animal shelter and wildlife rescue located in the Pacific Northwest.


Once More Unto the BreachLike Sound & Fury, Once More Unto the Breach features new adaptions of the Bard’s work into various ‘punk genres. This second volume features a steampunk rendition of Julius Caesar by Jeffrey Cook.

This title is available in Kindle Unlimited.

Welcome to the world of Shakespeare Goes Punk, where the Bard is remixed and nothing is sacred. Our fearless writers are back by popular demand to give you a ride on the punk train. Five punked-up tales and three sonnets inspired by Shakespeare. All profits to charity. As You Like It The Tragedy of Livingston (Coriolanus) Blast the Past: Fae and Far Between (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) Dogs of War (Julius Caesar) Hank (Henry V) Clockpunk Sonnets (18, 105, 127)


Myrddin Publishing’s first anthology, Into the Woods: a fantasy anthology, features ten stories from ten authors, including Forever by Lee French.

A magical house in the woods…

Love affairs, bitter quarrels, hungry ghosts, fell demons and more await you within this enchanting collection.

Myrddin Publishing presents ten diverse fantasy tales of love, loss, hope, and horror with a dash of humor.