The authors of Clockwork Dragon are hard at work on audiobook versions of our novels. This process is slow and costly, and takes us away from our real joy: writing the books in the first place.

Dragons In Pieces: Amazon, Audible, Audiobooks.comBlackstoneDownpour
Dragons In Chains: Amazon,, Blackstone, Downpour
Dragons In Flight: Amazon,, Blackstone, Downpour

The Girl and the Clockwork Cat: Amazon, Audible

Mad Science Institute: Amazon, Audible

Girls Can’t Be Knights: Amazon, Audible
Backyard Dragons: Amazon, Audible
Ethereal Entanglements: Amazon, Audible
Ghost Is the New Normal: Amazon, Audible
Boys Can’t Be Witches: Amazon, Audible

Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels: Amazon, Audible,

Darkside Seattle: The Support Crew (Street Doc, Fixer, & Mechanic): Amazon, Audible,