#CursedLands is in Pre-order!

We’re proud of Lee for having one of her upcoming books selected for inclusion in a box set of dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance books. Cursed Lands releases May 7 and is currently in pre-order on all the major platforms.

Portland has a coven problem.

Even more exciting, it’s a new Spirit Knights book. If you liked Girls Can’t Be Knights and the rest of the series, you’ll love War of the Rose Covens. In this book, Sophie faces her mom after everything that’s happened in Portland over the Christmas break. Drew is her backup, and they add a new friend to the mix, Gabe.

The other books in the set are also pretty cool, and you just might find another new author to love among the many offerings. We’re happy to support so many great people, but mostly we’re excited for Lee!

One-click today to pre-order this set on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and more!

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#NewRelease: Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels

We’re excited to announce our first professional anthology featuring stories by Jody Lynn Nye, Raven Oak, Robyn Bennis, and many others, including our own Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins.

Lee edited this volume with help from Sarah Craft, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The stories within feature women and girls defying their labels to save the day on their own, thank you very much.

Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels releases on April 16, 2019, in print, ebook, and audiobook formats and is available at on all major online outlets.


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New Release: You’re Not A Real Goth Until You Sack Rome

We’re proud to announce the next book set in the Fair Folk universe, You’re Not A Real Goth Until You Sack Rome. Jeff and Kate have teamed up again to bring a story of Eastern European witchcraft set against the backdrop of Seattle’s 1990s goth scene.

As usual, you’ll learn something about folklore by reading this book, and we’re all excited about this new series called Gothcraft. We expect the next book, SPF 1066, soon!

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December is here!

While Lee recovers from her NaNoWriMo hangover, Nikki studies for midterms, and Sechin prepares for a different kind of midterms, Jeff is still out gallivanting across the region. Last weekend saw him at Victorian Country Christmas in Puyallup.

Next weekend, Jeff will be at Alterna-Steam in Seattle. Everyone was bummed about the Steamposium cancellation, and this is what some folks managed to put together to make up for it. We hope you’ll show up and support the effort.

After that, Jeff heads down to Portland for his annual appearance at Geek the Halls.

And then, the long, slow breath before the next year of shows begins. Our first show of 2019 will be Orcacon once again, in Bellevue. We hope they can return to Everett someday so Sechin can come!

Here’s a blast from the past in the form of Business Deadpool holding Jeff and Lee’s hats at Norwescon a few years ago. You may remember us posting these images on Twitter for a solid year. Then Deadpool lost his popularity as a cosplay choice and we haven’t seen many since.

We still love all the old pics, though. Since they were never put up on the blog here, we’ll be posting them in random order with news updates in the year to come.

Happy holidays from the Clockwork Dragon crew. We hope to see you at a show this year. Make sure you say hi to Dwago! He loves attention.

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#NewRelease: Dark Hope of the Dragons #ebook #books

Nikki’s latest book, Dark Hope of the Dragons, is the start of a new fantasy series.

Dragons! Fantasy! Subterfuge! Tyranny! Revolution! All the things you love most about fantasy come together in this amazing story. We’re already in love with it, and hope you enjoy it too.

Our Patreon backers have had a copy of this book since a few weeks before it released. Have you considered backing us to streamline the delivery of our books to you? Only $5 per month gets you a minimum of 6 ebooks per year, every year, delivered straight to you with no delay or fuss. Before they’re released.

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Summer 2018

So much has happened, and so much is about to happen.

*takes a deep breath*

Since Spirit Knights book 5, we’ve released:

Hideous Progeny: Horror Goes Punk (stories by Jeff and Lee are included)
Porcelain by Lee
Nova Ranger Academy by Lee and Jeff

Our Patreon patrons have gotten advance e-copies of all these books. Join up at the $5+ levels to get all the books into your book hole as efficiently as possible. We expect to give our patrons a minimum of 6 books per year, and that patronage helps us with the costs of doing all the shows so we can get you more signed books! (Side note: because they’re novellas and have a fair amount of objectionable content, Lee’s Darkside Seattle books aren’t included in the Patreon.)

Coming for sure before the end of the year:

Dark Hope of the Dragons by Nikki
You’re Not a Real Goth Until You’ve Sacked Rome by Jeff
The Greatest Sin #6 by Lee
Darkside Seattle: Hacker by Lee

We’ve been at a bunch of conventions and shows, including Emerald City Comicon, Norwescon, and Gencon. Wen-Con in Wenatchee is becoming one of our favorite places to visit for an excellent one-day show with excellent people.

We hope to see you at an upcoming show. The list is kept as current as possible in the sidebar. Our next appearance is Dragonflight in Bellevue, WA.

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#NewRelease: Spirit Knights 5: Boys Can’t Be Witches #ebook #book

This time around, Portland has a witch problem.

The final installment of the Spirit Knights series is here. For today only, the ebook is 99 cents USD. As a bonus, the ebook for Girls Can’t Be Knights is also 99 cents today! If you haven’t started the adventure with Claire, Justin, and Drew, now is an excellent time to jump in. The whole series is also available in audiobook.

In other news, we’ll be at Norwescon this Thursday through Sunday. It’s our favorite show of the year! Dwago, Jeff, Lee, and Nikki will all be there, and look forward to seeing you! We have some exciting news we’re only sharing in person for now. Our Patreon patrons will hear next, then our lovely blog subscribers will get the whole story.

Looking ahead, CapitalIndieBookCon, our very own book fair, will take place again on May 12, the day before Mother’s Day. If you’re anywhere near Olympia, stop by and check out a variety of books from a variety of authors who’ll be happy to sign anything you want (usually, their books). And if that’s not enough to entice you to the downtown area, the Wooden Boat Festival will be across the street from us, so there’ll be plenty to see, do, and eat.

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Table Worked: Tacoma Home & Garden Show 2018

January 25-28, 2018

One of the things said throughout the weekend was that “The Home Shows are their own unique animal” in terms of explaining it to people compared to most conventions. And it’s true.

The first thing of importance in explaining what that means is that the Home Shows are a general audience show. We do mostly science-fiction and fantasy conventions, with the occasional comic-con or the like thrown in. I do really enjoy doing the Home and Garden Shows, both in general, and for the challenge, but they’re definitely different from most conventions.

The second thing of note is that for the H&G shows, we’re working with NIWA instead of under the Clockwork Dragon banner. That means that we have at least twice as many books on the table (though that was kind of interesting, learning we had 13 authors represented, but Lee and I, along with our co-writers, were half of the books on the table at this event), and that we’re working with authors we otherwise don’t see most of the time. Over the course of the weekend we had 8 authors taking shifts behind the table. We also had two extra booth staff (thank you to Matt and Sheri!), which made set-up, tear-down, and portions of the weekend much easier.

The other thing with these shows are their unpredictability. The only thing we’re sure of going in is that mysteries will sell. We’ve never been wrong on that yet and weren’t this time. Mysteries do well, whether in Tacoma or Portland. Everything else is best guess. The childrens’ section also usually does okay, and YA does okay, but what okay is varies. I’ve seen childrens’ books fly off the shelves in Portland, and seen just a few go over the weekend. Romance has also had some really good shows, but it didn’t get much attention this time around. I’m not sure if having a bit more robust section of that would have helped or not.

Related to the last bit, there’s always a surprise. Some genre or other that typically hasn’t done great in the past will be the thing at a show, and then won’t be the next time around. This particular show it was the charity anthologies. Science fiction in general, after being absolutely dead at the Portland Fall show, did fairly well. But the Writerpunk charity anthologies, especially the Edgar Allan Poe Goes Punk, had a really great weekend. We’re going to be significantly closer to our goal for the donation to PAWS Animal Rescue after payment goes out for this show.

We’ll also get a really good idea if there’s going to be any trend from this show to the next, as the very next show in line is the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show. That’s always a real experience, as we should have more than 20 authors represented, and over 120 books.

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Table Worked: Orcacon 2018

January 12-14, 2018

This is a great way to get the con year started. We’ve been a part of Orcacon since their Year 1 and keep going back. There’s reasons for that.

Orcacon isn’t really a literary convention the way some are. Most people are there to play games, be introduced to new games, and to be social around the gaming table. The vendor room is small, with about a dozen vendors, two of which are local game stores. We’re the only authors/book vendors in the room.

Nevertheless, we usually do okay there as a whole. The atmosphere is mostly relaxed and welcoming. Most of the vendors are repeat vendors, so everyone knows each other. (Granted, at this point, we know a lot of the local vendors, but in general, this is a very familiar room/crowd.)

So, what stands out about it? First, Orcacon has made a serious commitment to diversity. They don’t have a lot of panels, but of what they do have, about a third are in some way diversity related. The crowd is about half female. The LGBT crowd are definitely out in force at this one. Most of the special guests are tied in with the diversity panels. And they have one of the most hardcore, and most visible, anti-harassment policies in the local con scene.

Aside from being awesome in its own right, this is also pretty cool from a pure vending perspective. The female-fronted YA, lots of representation across multiple books, and ability to tell customers that, yes, we have books that feature LGBT, minority, disabled, non-neurotypical, etc. characters certainly helps us. It’s also really, really rewarding as an author to have those sales where you know you’re reaching your audience and that the representation we put into the books is meaningful to the readers as well. We had a couple of those at this show.

The fact that this is one we do a lot and is a small-to-mid-size convention also means we get a number of repeat customers. That’s also a nice boost, knowing that people like what you’ve written and want more. It’s also been a chance to use fans of one of our authors to hook readers on others. We had one of my fans, and two of Nikki’s who had read most of our books show up asking for what we had that was “sort of similar.” Thankfully, we had answers for that.

We’re always on the lookout for over-arching themes, good tag-lines, etc. This one had some familiar themes. People were very interested in signed books. The “Which one(s) is/are yours?” question came up a lot, especially on Friday. Otherwise, in a familiar theme, the YA did really well. Writerpunk also had a good show to open the year. Beyond that, this was a really easy, close-to-home, well-run show.

Which made for a great way to kick off the year.

Next up: the Tacoma Home & Garden Show.

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New Year, New Dragonings

Happy New Year!

The authors of Clockwork Dragon have banded together to offer a new way to get our books in 2018. We know a lot of you like a little of everything we collectively produce. That’s why we’ve launched a new group Patreon.

This idea has been in the works for several months. We considered looking for alternative options when the guys over at Patreon muffed things up. Then they apologized and reversed the decision. With that, we decided we could take the plunge.

Backers at the $5+ levels will get eARCs of every book we publish as long before publication as possible. With everyone’s current plans, you can expect to get a minimum of 6 ebooks per year. In 2018, you’ll get at least 7, maybe as many as 10, depending upon how everything shakes out for us.

If you’re not interested in our Patreon, but you still want to know when we release books, we’re working on setting up our newsletter so it goes out more often than…almost never. Sign up for that

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